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Operation Parrot Drone – Introduction

Well.. I picked up one of these amazing devices last year direct from china.. Loads of fun. A friend in my building did the same and plenty of dog fights later, we had some engine failures (after discovering the flying just above another drone makes their drown drop to the ground... conflicting altitude sensor??). While they are being fixed... I decided to have a think about what I'd like to get out of the drones...


Distance between two points with curvature

The earth isn't flat. Sometimes you feel like over engineering a simple problem just because you can.

Late last year I put together a mobile web interface and used google maps for a store locator. I also had to use ASP Classic.
In the mids of this it struck me that a customer might find they were a few meters off from the actual distance from their current position, to what I'm reporting. Clearly this just won't do -so I re-worked it to compensate....in ASP CLASSIC, where most of the math is non existent.