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MRTG Config for Eaton ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Card


We've had this one for a while, decided to put some power monitoring on it to graph the usage...

The UPS has a metric for each Phase, so for a total output, we have to aggregate the figure. I chose to use Watts in my graphs. The other thing to note is that it requires version 1 of SNMP.

Config below....

$Path is the working directory, needs to exist. $Name is the mrtg name of the instance. $Community is the snmp community (usually public), $host is the hostname/ip of the device. $Title is the friendly name of the instance. Easy as that.


Target[$Name]: enterprises.534.$Community@$Host:::::1 + enterprises.534.$Community@$Host:::::1 + enterprises.534.$Community@$Host:::::1
MaxBytes[$Name]: 36000
Title[$Name]: $Title
PageTop[$Name]: <H1>$Title</H1>
Options[$Name]: gauge, nopercent, absolute, unknaszero, growright
YLegend[$Name]: Watts
ShortLegend[$Name]: Watts
Legend1[$Name]: Watts
Legend2[$Name]: .
Legend3[$Name]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[$Name]: .
LegendI[$Name]: True Power
LegendO[$Name]: .
Colours[$Name]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[$Name]: ymw




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