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#junipered - to be promised a service or a product that was not delivered
#ciscoed - When you deliver the products and solutions that the customer wants, when the customer wants it.
... apparently.

Currently trending on twitter, #junipered means a few different things to a few different people. For anyone with marketing experience, it represents the blatent disregard for the cardinal rule of advertising. For Cisco fans, it's a reference to http://www.overpromisesunderdelivers.net , saying Juniper over promises and is a vendor of vaporware that is only hurting its customers. For Juniper fans, its a sign that Cisco is launching a childish advertising campaign as they're loosing market share to Juniper.

For me, it's sad. As a cisco fan, I'm a little worried that they're stooping this low, and certainly taken away from their image they I had of them. This is the first time I've seen them actually acknowledging the competition in any other way besides performance comparisons (and always retaliated against with TCO comparisons).

I'm sure everyone can see many sides to this, but what will be most interesting, is Junipers response, if any.


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  1. Hi Dave

    I like this post and a friend shared it as we had spotted Cisco’s #junipered marketing actions on the web.

    Its bad form by cisco – the #junipered approach will undermine their integrity, destroy trust and ultimately this will be the beginning of a long slow demise

    Imagine if people don’t want to work with you, attend your proprietary training courses, buy your product, (pay maint and support on your product!),…. how is life when your brand represents bitching and whining instead of innovating and visioning…

    The world is changing – people that were once inspired by fast tech and functional mastery of the internet (me) are moving on, and the next generation care for more about values and corporate meaning

    Lets hope Cisco can raise their game and get back on track


  2. James – couldn’t agree more.
    I’ve been a cisco tech since the “long, long ago”, and for the first time I can remember, I’m embarrassed to be associated with an organisation. While I agree what Cisco saying is true, this whole thing is childish and petty.


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